CastlesWa provides bouncy castles, Water slides and other types of entertainment for hire in Perth, CastlesWa  is a family owned and operated business providing entertainment for all ages and all types of events    

Safety First

Our bouncy castles, water slides and other inflatables can provide hours of fun and entertainment for Perth Children (and Adults) of all ages - so long as you follow a few simple safety procedures:


  • Bouncy castles and Water slides MUST always be supervised by a trained and responsible adult at all times.
  • Always discourage children from bouncing against the walls because they can rebound and knock into a fellow bouncer causing injury.
  • NEVER use your jumping castle when it’s wet and slippery, if the ride isn’t designed to be used wet  – for example after a rain shower. Always wait for it to dry off completely before allowing children back on or manually .
  • Keep electrical cords and blowers away from water at any time including days that it starts raining whilst in use . Please be aware that water run off from your inflatable may collect in pools nearby and you should always ensure that the blower and electrical cords are kept well away from these.
  • NEVER allow children access to the electrical blower or power cables.
  • NEVER allow anyone to play on a bouncy castle or any other inflatable as it is being deflated as this could cause serious injury.
  • Allow only ONE person go down the water slides at a time. This reduces the possibility of accidental collisions and pile-ups at the end of the slide.
  • follow basic Manufacturer guidelines printed on the placard stitched at the entrance on each inflatable.


We take your children’s safety seriously and our operating procedures are designed first and foremost with this goal in mind.

We always fully train at least one responsible adult to supervise children to ensure that our hired out bouncy castles and waterslides are used in the correct, proper and appropriate manner for your full and safe enjoyment.

In addition, we regularly test all our electrical equipment and inflatables, So that we know we are hiring out bouncy castles and waterslides in full and safe working order.

We also continually update both our equipment and safety instructions as further improvements become available.


Castles Wa extra safety features:


All our bouncy castles have nets rather than solid walls to the front and sides. Netted walls are perfect for:

  • Keeping the children safely within the bouncing area
  • Enabling parents and supervisors to see the children at all times
  • Permitting air to circulate freely through the bouncing area to keep your children cool and fresh
  • Keeping the inflatable safely anchored and wind resistant – with netted walls there are no solid surfaces for wind to blow against!

What about my children’s fingers – won’t they get tangled in the net?